.basketball digital identity

Following a 5-year effort, FIBA and Roar (now Roar.Basketball LLC) were successful in winning the rights to the .basketball TLD and began providing National Federations and key stakeholders with a trusted domain space that would deliver multiple benefits to the sport. With this FIBA also gave National Federations the opportunity to build a basketball community in their country and generate revenue. 

Why .basketball?

.basketball is perfect for basketball's digital community. It cannot be surpassed and there is no alternative domain extension, word or abbreviation that better represents the sport. It enables Basketball to establish a strong, cohesive and consistent digital identity on the internet.

With it, basketball’s stakeholders can have a trusted and secure domain space - consistent with industry standard service levels - which makes it possible to:

  • Accelerate the promotion of basketball and stakeholder brands in a controlled environment
  • Promote the sport and unify the global community online under a common banner
  • Make sure the rights of privileged basketball stakeholders are preserved
  • Link all participants via a specific identity and create a recognizable digital space for all basketball-related activities online.
What's new?

In 2021, FIBA offered a new way to bring the sport's online community together with the .basketball domain name being accessible to the general public. FIBA and Roar.Basketball LLC joined forces with GoDaddy Registry, commencing a new partnership to further grow the .basketball domain. GoDaddy Registry is one of the world's most recognizable brands in the domain namespace, and this partnership brought together a dynamic mix of skills and world-leading expertise in sports administration, sports marketing and digital innovation to enhance the digital identity of all basketball stakeholders worldwide.

Over the last few years, FIBA has worked to provide the basketball family exclusive access to the .basketball domain, prioritizing National Federations. Many basketball organizations have secured their names and now enjoy the benefits of improved search results and traffic, global alignment and clearer domain names.  

Among those federations who have cut through the clutter of a crowded internet and provided clarity with their domain names are Argentina (from cabb.com.ar to argentina.basketball), Australia (from boomers.com.au to australia.basketball), Czech Republic (from cbf.cz to cz.basketball) and Egypt (from ebbfed.com to egypt.basketball) just to name a few.

If you would like more information please contact: digital@fiba.basketball 



  • What is .basketball?

    It’s a Top Level Domain – equivalent in internet terms to a .com, .net or .org
    It’s the official, exclusive and universal internet domain name for the sport of Basketball

    Why was .basketball secured and what are the benefits?

    .basketball is clear, specific and directly relevant to the sport of Basketball. The domain cannot be surpassed. There is no alternative domain extension, no word or abbreviation that better represents Basketball than .basketball

    .basketball is for Basketball’s digital community. The .basketball domain provides the opportunity to link and unify the global Basketball family whilst carving out an exclusive territory on the internet. With vast volumes of diverse content propagating the internet daily, .basketball clearly defines, segments and promotes the sport of Basketball, its global community and all it's content – this is immensely valuable now and will become even more so in time.

    .basketball protects rightful Basketball stakeholders. The .basketball registry serves the Basketball community first and foremost and rightful stakeholders are encouraged to secure and use their choice(s) of names under the .basketball Unlike domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org, policies have been put in place to deter and restrict the entry of domain name speculators or opportunists with no affiliation to Basketball. This level of curation brings integrity and protection and adds substantial value to all .basketball domain investments.

    .basketball will maximize Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Relevancy drives the effectiveness of search and there is no stronger relevancy to Basketball than .basketball. Transitioning to .basketball is easy, has little detriment upon current search results as FIBA has proven, and will, in fact, enhance rankings over time.

    FIBA’s .basketball transition

    FIBA transitioned from www.FIBA.com to www.FIBA.basketball - transitioning was a simple process.

    In addition to switching their organizational URL, FIBA implemented .basketball across all major assets including www.worldcup.basketball, www.championsleague.basketball, www.eurobasket.basketball etc.

    For FIBA, relevancy, specificity and leadership were key drivers behind their adoption and commitment to .basketball. As one of the few major international sporting bodies to control its own TLD, FIBA was able to offer .basketball to its global family. This roll-out commenced with FIBA’s 212 National Federation Members being given exclusive access to .basketball via the National Names Package.

    What is the .basketball National Names Package?

    FIBA and Roar created a National Names Package that was available to every National Federation. The package included each country’s full name (e.g www.Australia.basketball), the 3-letter country code (e.g www.USA.basketball), the 2-letter country code (e.g www.NZ.basketball), the name of the national men’s team (e.g www.tallblacks.basketball) and national women's team (e.g www.opals.basketball).

    Web Hosting & Email Packages

    In addition to .basketball domain names, Roar negotiated a range of web building, web hosting and email packages that are scalable to any requirements. National Federation are encouraged to review these packages and compare them against those of current providers. Roar packages are cost effective and available exclusively to the Basketball family.

    For full details of packages and pricing go to www.roar.basketball

    How does a National Federation transition to a new .basketball domain name?

    The process is simple, straight forward and seamless!

    Old domain addresses remain in existence for a limited time and simply re-point to the new .basketball addresses. Existing websites remain in exactly the same place, there is no change to website appearance and/or content. Over time, old URLs become redundant and can be phased out.

    Organizational Stationery:
    There is no need to change out business cards, letterheads or other stationery as old URLs and email addresses will still operate by re-pointing to new .basketball addresses. When stationery stocks have been depleted, re-prints can carry the new .basketball URLs and email addresses.

    How can National Federations access their National Name Packages?

    Email your National Federation’s contact details (and the relevant contact person) to NNP@roar.basketball and digital@fiba.basketball and a representative will be in touch to get you transitioned and underway.

    National Federations and their own Basketball communities

    Once a National Federation has selected and adopted .basketball for its own organization it has the ability to offer the .basketball extension to its own Basketball community and derives a revenue stream from sales.

    This is facilitated through the creation of a dedicated web portal that is prepared and skinned specifically for each National Federation. A unique access code will be generated for the National Federation to distribute to its community. Sales via the portal and access code can be tracked and a portion of revenues generated will be shared with the respective Federation.

  • For more information on the .basketball domain name click here or click on the image below.