The Future of Women's Basketball is Even Brighter

Main Benefits 

  • This updated women’s Competition System now sets out the road to all of FIBA's main women's competitions over four-year cycles, including the Women's Olympic Basketball Tournament, the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup and the FIBA Women's Continental Cups.
  • Two new pre-qualifying tournaments taking place in 2024 with the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup Pre-Qualifying Tournaments and in 2026 with the FIBA Women's Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments, providing additional opportunities for women’s National Teams to have more meaningful and competitive games.
  • The expansion of the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2026 to 16 teams is optimizing the growth of women’s basketball and surfing on the wave of the successful FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 in Sydney.
  • Continental Cups, now being standalone tournaments where regional champions are crowned, gives more prestige to these events across the regions.
  • The exposure of women's basketball is being enhanced with more regular national team activity in all regions throughout the year.
  • Qualification phases in each region means enhanced inclusion and competitiveness as more teams and players can participate in national team competitions.