Data and Video Solutions

Data and Video Solutions

Supporting National Federations Operations

One of the main FIBA initiatives to support the development and operations of National Federations is to provide them and the basketball community with best practices for information technology solutions to manage competitions, games statistics, scoresheets, stakeholders memberships, live streaming and websites.

The data and video solutions made available by FIBA help basketball administrators manage their operations more efficiently and enhance the basketball experience for fans and players.

FIBA offers various products and services to National Federations and the basketball community that are provided by different FIBA partners. These partners include:

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FIBA LiveStats
  • FIBA LiveStats is the world’s most popular basketball games statistics solution, developed by Genius Sports in collaboration with FIBA, and provided at no cost to basketball federations and leagues.

    FIBA LiveStats is a software application, running on laptops with Microsoft Windows operating system, that enables statisticians to record game statistics and publish those in real-time, helping to promote basketball and engage fans, media and sponsors.

    FIBA LiveStats is the official statistics tool used on many FIBA official competitions (for example FIBA U19 and U17 World Championships, FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, FIBA Continental Championships in Africa, Americas, Asia and Oceania, Basketball Champions League).


    • Live game statistics collection according to FIBA statistics manual rules
    • Game reports for coaches and media 
    • Online live Game Center of games statistics available in more than 25 languages with responsive design principles to optimize display for mobile, tablet and computer devices
    • Integration with FIBA Organizer competition management solution
    • In-venue interface with TV graphics solutions
    • In-venue feed for scoreboard screens
    • API accesses and XML data exports
    • Application available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Lithuanian languages


    Click here to download FIBA LiveStats and register for a league/federation administrator account.

  • The FIBA Connected Stadium is a solution provided by Synergy Sports to automatically capture and enhance the video output of basketball games, without any human intervention. The generated content can then be distributed to TV partners and across any OTT platform. It also supports direct broadcast to consumers.

    • Fully automated live production
    • Automated player, team and game detail graphics

    • Customizable sponsor features and opportunities
    • FIBA LiveStats integration
    • Commentator integration and companion mobile application

    • Referee review system
    • Fully integrates with Synergy Sports Technology solutions
    • Solutions can be implemented by leagues without IT and broadcast teams.
    • Comprehensive installation service, training and 24/7 customer service

    For more information click here

  • FIBA Organizer is a digital competition management solution, developed by Genius Sports in collaboration with FIBA, provided at no cost to basketball federations and leagues.

    FIBA Organizer is an online platform that allows basketball administrators to manage competitions (schedules, results, statistics and standings) as well as membership data (database of clubs, players, coaches, referees and venues) helping make their jobs easier and enhancing the players and fans experience.


    • Management of competition schedules, results, statistics and standings
    • Integrated with FIBA LiveStats
    • Results and statistics displayed on websites and widgets
    • Season, competition and historical statistics for teams and players
    • Prepare and export a wide range of predefined reports
    • Import of historical statistics and results databases
    • Platform available in English, Spanish, French and more

    Examples of users:

  • Genius Sports and FIBA provide two options to create and maintain professional looking, yet easy to manage, websites for National Federations and leagues:

    1. Standard - A base model website, with standard functionality enabling to present and update key information such as fixtures, results, standings, statistics, news and photo-gallery easily. This option is provided at no cost.

    Lebanese Basketball Federation 

    Advanced - Greater functionality than the standard option, displaying news and data-powered graphics. Easy to use and built to adapt to mobile and tablet devices, giving the audience a greater user experience and improving engagement. The pricing of this option is available on request.

    Brazilian Basketball Federation 

  • Digital Scoresheet is a Windows application developed by FIBA, replacing the traditional paper scoresheet.

    It is used in many FIBA competitions and also available to all interested national basketball federations free of charge.


    • Game setup integrated with FIBA Live Stats (teams, rosters, games available automatically for all games for which FLS is used as well) – no need to enter for example player names manually
    • Admin portal for managing team logins
    • Corrections can be made easily at any time during a game
    • Clean and easy to read scoresheet available as pdf