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Founded in 1993, the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre was born from the belief that an increase in quantity and quality of worldwide sports premises would serve as a major catalyst for the growth and development of the sport of basketball. 

The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre sets standards for basketball equipment and facilities, ensuring that they fulfill the strict requirements of high-level basketball competitions. It promotes the construction of basic indoor and outdoor facilities, while actively encouraging the refurbishment of older ones.

The objective is to attain a high standard of quality, safety and technology, for the athletes, for the public, as well as for the media, whose demands are ever-growing.


The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre produces publications, which provide technical assistance for those who practice the sport or organize its competitions. These include, among others, the Approved Equipment Guide. The Centre works with FIBA to specify the requirements of the Basketball Equipment Appendix of the Official Basketball Rules (can be downloaded here) in relation to Level 1 and Level 2 basketball competitions.

To meet the objective of attaining a high standard of quality, safety and technology, constant control and inspection of facilities and equipment is required. The Equipment & Venue Centre does this through the FIBA Approval Programme for Basketball Equipment. Manufacturers of Approved Equipment must meet certain requirements in relation to their company and all Approved Equipment is tested. This is done by independent FIBA Accredited Test Institutes, who test in accordance with the precise procedures specified in the FIBA Handbook of Test Methods and Requirements, harmonising basketball equipment testing worldwide. Only Approved Equipment shall be used for FIBA Competitions.

The program includes equipment in the following categories: Basketballs, Backstop Units, Wooden Flooring, Synthetic Flooring, Flooring Coatings and Maintenance Products, Scoreboards and Videoboard Software, Electric and Electronic Systems, Seating Systems, Training Products and Miscellaneous Products (including, but not limited to, Court Stickers, Whistles and Mouthguards). In addition, the following 3x3 equipment categories: 3x3 Basketballs, 3x3 Backstops Units, 3x3 Flooring and Canopy Systems.

In 2021, the Equipment & Venue Centre, has introduced an additional approval program for Software Products with the aim to connect approved software suppliers to stakeholders in the FIBA Family. The software category is open for potential partners in different sub-categories, who meet the product requirements. Clear criteria and product testing is part of the approval process in order to ensure that our partners provide the highest level of quality and functionality.  

All FIBA Approved Equipment and Software is presented here and Approved 3x3 Equipment here.

In 2023, the Equipment & Venue Centre launched the FIBA Venue Guide to serve the FIBA Family and the wider basketball, sport and leisure community. The guide provides practical guidance for both new and existing arenas. It offers an accessible overview of the key aspects of arena development, outdoor facilities, and technological innovations.

Each basketball arena is unique to its location, resources and users and therefore each project should be aligned with these aspects. With this in mind, we have developed this guide with the aim of being relevant and adaptable across each of FIBA’s National Federations. This applies across different sizes and uses of arenas- from the top-elite level capable of hosting major FIBA competitions down to smaller arenas which serve their local community.

In partnership with the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre also offers consulting services for sports venue design and fitout. 

For further information about the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre, contact Mr. Bart Prinssen, Head of Equipment & Venue Centre,