Basketball | A Global Premium Sport

Basketball is everywhere.  Played all over the world on the biggest stages.  

Invented just over 120 years ago, basketball is a growing sport with, at its core, an estimated 450 million players and fans worldwide who compete, watch or follow a game they love and feel deeply passionate about.

Gender neutral, continuously breaking down racial and religious barriers, basketball unites rather than divides.

Young and fast, modern and exciting, basketball is above all else inspiring.

A TV favourite, it is also the most popular team sport of the Olympics, the world’s favourite sporting event.

FIBA Media & Marketing Services, the wholly-owned subsidiary of FIBA, is responsible for the development, management and delivery of all of FIBA’s media and marketing activities, as well as related partnerships, including those for FIBA’s flagship competitions, the FIBA Basketball World Cups for Men and Women.

With commercial partnerships playing a significant role for FIBA, the development of the game and the staging of its events, FIBA Media & Marketing Services generates revenue through the sale of broadcast rights, its global sponsorship programme and official licensing programmes.