Men's National Team Competition System

Spanning over 15 months, the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers are staged in international windows every three months in the lead-up to basketball’s biggest event. 80 countries take part across the four regions of Africa, Americas, Asia (including Oceania) and Europe, and ultimately 32 teams will qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup. 

With regular and competitive home and away games, the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers feature over 1,500 players in 1,250 national team games and millions of fans all around the globe get to experience international basketball at its best and watch the stars of the game defending their colors on home soil to qualify for FIBA's flagship men’s competition!

Additional teams from each region also get to play during the previous international windows to claim spots in their respective FIBA Continental Cup Qualifiers through the respective Continental Cup Pre-Qualifiers.

There is now a clear road to participation in both the FIBA Basketball World Cup and the FIBA Continental Cups.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 

Fans around the world can look forward to regular and competitive national team basketball games in the lead-up to each FIBA Basketball World Cup, with 80 nations participating in six Qualifying windows over a 15-month period across the regions in Africa, the Americas, Asia (including Oceania) and Europe.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027 Qualifiers will commence in November 2025, with the next World Cup to take place in Qatar in 2027. 

FIBA Continental Cups 

Starting right after the FIBA Basketball World Cup, all FIBA Continental Cups now follow a four-year cycle (2021, 2025, 2029, etc.). The FIBA Continental Cup Qualifiers take place in the four Regions and consist of four windows. 

Qualifiers for the FIBA Continental Cups 2024/25 will start in AfricaAmericasAsia and Europe regions in February 2024.